Features of Hotel Reservation System

Payment Gateway Options

We make a flexible and easy access for payment to the direct guest and allow them to choose the appropriate payment gateway.

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Easy Plug & Play Widgets

We have an easy Plug & Play Widgets, suitable for any kind of hotel website. With us, you can get an easy Plug & Play connection.

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Auto Email and SMS confirmation

A PDF invoice on email and SMS are been sent by our booking engine to the customer as well as hotelier after booking the rooms.

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Easy booking process

Our booking engine consist of easy booking process which is three step booking action that is book your room, pay for it and get it confirmed.

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The Perks of Responsive Booking Engine

Your guest can access the booking engine page from any device with our responsive booking engine system, which gives a hike to your direct bookings.

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Create Hotel Brand

Our hotel reservation system customize as per hotel website which will create hotel brand.

Offering Booking Engine

Booking Engine is powerfull tool for booking which helps hotelier to get booking from hotel own website , which save commision amount and get trust and maintain brand of hotelier.

Booking Hotel offers booking engine which helps to create look and color as per hotel current website. Easy to integrate with any exiting or new website, No matter website technology and hosting, its simple web url which we need to add on website book now buttong to start accepting booking. It is a simple, fast and hassle-free way to sell the rooms or beds directly to the visitors of your website and allows you to enhance the booking process.

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