Hotel Reservation System features

Features of Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System features We provide Hotel Reservation System features is online booking engine. A booking engine integrated with a Hotel Channel Manager, makes easy management, by assuring that your booking engine inventory remains updated and any reservations from your booking engine get synchronize across to your other sales channels, without any manual interference. We give an excursion to your direct bookings through our active hotel reservation system. Our booking engine offers special discounted rates to collective and regular guests. Our [...]

PMS Integration features

Features of PMS Integration

Bring the Adaptability of the Cloud to Your Hotel with PMS Integration. In PMS Integration, Our hotel channel manager API provides two-way connectivity between PMS system & hotel channel manager, due to which booking come from any OTA communicated to PMS and walking booking come from PMS update into channel manager & inventory updated into OTA (like, goibibo, make my trip-MMT, cleartrip, travelguru, agoda & expedia.), so it will avoid overbooking and reduce manual work. The reservations done manually received by your multiple channels of distribution into your PMS is [...]

booking engine works

How does booking engine works?

Booking engine works on cloud base system. Our online booking engine system provides backend structure for a hotelier to refresh and keep up rates and availability, counting special discounts, either free bonus nights or Percentage discount and end minute deals. We work through rate plans and this grants more adaptability to provide for various promotions that a hotel can think of, as well as packages. Our booking engine works to offers your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience requiring minimum efforts while using their [...]

channel manager cost

Is a Channel Manager worth the cost?

The Channel Manager Cost, In order to provide the smooth operation of the channel management process, to other booking services the investment required on the technology (like Social Media, Facebook etc.) is relatively high. Channel Manager cost is worth to pay. If we compare the cost of a manual performance of the same action, it will worth to use a Hotel Channel Manager. By using hotel channel manager the hotelier gets direct updates to the availability of rooms, rates, and [...]

Recent Hotel Booking

Recent Hotel Booking Trends in India

Recent Hotel Booking The recent hotel booking for travel planning includes 28% walk-in bookings and rests 72% are advance online bookings. In other words, around 8.4 million Indians are probably to book hotels online by 2016, up from 3.5 million in 2014. Digital recent hotel booking is high nowadays, with the increasing adoption of internet and Mobile phones, the online hotel booking segment has seen powerful improvements. More and more Indians change to the Internet for focalizing travel plans, according to Google. [...]

channel manager software

After using our channel manager software?

Get More Bookings by using hotel channel manager software If a hotelier uses a convenient hotel channel manager then there can be raise in the number of bookings for their hotel that is a useful aspect of using our hotel channel manager software. Save time by using As compared to manual efforts, by using our hotel channel manager software one can deliver more time. Hotel Channel manager software helps to save time without wasting it. Save Money by using  With hotel channel manager, the work is [...]

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