To connect with channel manager, hotelier needs to contact channel manger team on chat or call.

Step 1: Contact Channel Manager Team, ask for quotation.

Hotelier need to search  Channel Manager in their area by doing google “ Channel Manager in India”. And as per there requirement choose channel manager and contact channel manager team.

Step 2: Connect channel manger from OTA extranet / by reaching OTA team.

Once hotelier choose Channel Manager then they need to login into ota extranet and select channel manager from list of channel manager.

Step 3: Inform channel manger team to activate hotel.

Once connectivity done then hotelier need to inform channel manager team to activate channel manger at their end.

Step 4: Channel Manager Team will active Channel Manager and provide login details.

Channel Manager Team needs to create hotel and map it to OTA rooms, rate plan. Once mapping done, create user to manage it and provide login details to manage it.

Step 5: Synchronies channel manger inventory and rates.

Update inventory and rates once so that all Online Travel Booking Site will have same inventory and rates. This is important step to avoid overbooking and rate disparity.

Step 6: Manage inventory and rates using login.

Once complete with step 5, then hotelier need to update rates and inventory as per current flow. How Channel Manager work?


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