Channel Manager work real time to update inventory and rates. Using channel manager we can set same inventory and rates across all OTA platform. 

One-way connectivity: In one-way connectivity, the channel manager pushes only rates and inventory on different hotel booking channels, but doesn’t fetch bookings from OTA.

Two-way connectivity:  Channel Manager with the two-way connectivity with OTAs can fetch booking , inventory and rates also it has right up push rates and inventory. We will take real time scenario to explain channel manager work.

How channel manager inventory work?

For example we consider Hotel Sapphire has 25 rooms and its connect with Booking Channel Manager. Hotelier has channel manager username and password. It has set 25 rooms using channel manager across all ota.

 Now one guest has booked 1 room from on 26 Nov. Channel Manager get booking through Channel manager check room on 26 Nov and reduced booked room from available room (ie; 25 -1 =24 available rooms) and update available 24 rooms on all connected OTA like, etc.

 How Channel Manager Rates update work?

To update rates channel manager need to have two way connectivity with OTA.

1.Channel Manager system has right to pull OTA rates, using pull API channel manager get OTA rates and displayed in channel manager rates screen where hotelier can able to view date wise OTA rates.

2. Using rate manage screen hotelier can change rates day wise. While changing rates hotelier get option to mange rate OTA wise, week day, weekend and time frame. Rate manage is important feature to avoid rate disparity.

How Channel Manager Booking work?

Channel manager has two way connectivity with OTA to get booking. Channel manager has either in push or pull booking to get live booking from OTA.

As per room availability on OTA, guest can book room, once booking done channel manager insert booking into channel manager system and update inventory across all OTA.


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