If you have a small restaurant type and a few rooms for accommodation, then you don’t need channel Manager. If you have more than 5 rooms then you definitely need the Channel Manager. Because after having big property if you don’t have the Channel Manager, the whole a day is wasted in updating inventory manually.


Today is the world of internet, gone are the days when internet where less used. So marketing has became a vital thing in this modern era.

And because of this marketing and competition many OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) have came in to existence. This OTA’s will help you send and synchronize your inventory (rooms and rates) in real times to more Online Travel Agencies than you could do it manually.  

If your hotel is listed on several OTA’s then it is the best marketing strategy applied to your hotel property because your property will be visible to the maximum audience- aiming to healthy direct bookings.

There are many more Channel Managers all of them vary from each other, with the little bit futures less in one and little bit future more in the other Channel Manager, likewise the price is also decided of the Channel Manager. You will have to decide by yourself with which Channel Manager you want to go. Some futures in the Channel Manager may be that which you may not require so that you can skip. Select the best Channel Manager with the correct value.


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