Channel Manager is a best tool to use, if you own a hotel. Channel Manager is beneficial for your hotel, so that you can reap maximum benefits by increasing your guest occupancy! The Channel Manager is a great amenity to have in your hotel, and yet often hotels neglect to maximize their use. In most cases the guest will come to your hotel, not because they want a holiday, but rather out of necessity, which is why they are often put on the lowest priority. However, by implementing a few simple strategies, you can ensure that your channel manager becomes a magnet for tourists and increase your guest occupancy.

Firstly, a Channel Manager offers your hotel the perfect opportunity to directly communicate with all of your guest by creating your own 'Channel'. A Channel Manager allows you to instantly show all of your occupied and available spaces to your guests. This is incredibly beneficial as it means that no matter where in the area a particular traveller is, they will receive an email, or text message informing them of their location, as well as their available room. If a guest cannot find their exact seat, they will immediately know and if there are empty rooms, a Channel Manager will then send a runner to find them a room.

These messages can also be sent to any guest on your hotel's mobile network, again making it highly effective at communication. Furthermore, channel manager becomes your central location for all of your customers and clients, allowing them to either book a room or check out. Lastly, by using the multiple channels feature of a hotel channel manager, you will be able to extend your marketing reach beyond your hotel area. With Channel Manager, you will be able to advertise to any and all telecommunications providers, as well as offer special promotions and deals to any and all customers. The Channel Manager are designed to maximize your hotel marketing and promotional opportunities to increase sales and awareness.


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