The Channel Manager building is not a one day work like the saying is “ Rome was not built in a day”. It requires a little bit of time and effort. First of all you need to go in market and understand the needs of the hoteliers requirement. After understanding the requirement note down that and with the help of developer start developing the channel manager site.

The second thing to be done is to get the license from all the OTA’s. After that make reach your channel manager in market. Visit hotels convince the hoteliers to purchase your Channel Manager. As the hotels agree add their property in your channel manager.

After adding all the property detail, room and rate detail and all OTA detail. Ensure that it runs smoothly as this is the starting of business as well as the time for your new prosperous & bright future beginning.

After you see all things working correctly as you wanted, talk to the hotelier whether he is  facing any issue in using your Channel manager. Arrange a demo for using your Reputed & powerful channel manager.

Further, if you see the hotelier is happy with your service, you can ask them for some hotels of his reference. And anyhow you are going to visit the market for some more hotels. If your luck works you will get more and more hotels from the happy hoteliers.


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