Grow Direct Bookings with these Key Points

Grow direct bookings

Grow Direct Bookings with these Key Points

Grow direct bookings

Grow direct bookings at your hotel are essential to assure your business which remains profitable. Direct bookings over your small hotel’s website are the great type of bookings you can get. They’re smooth to execute for you and your customers, and the great part is they are commission free. Not only it will save you money but a customer who books directly is will be more open to new ideas for your property and surely will give you a good review at the end of their stay.

Even if booking sites are important to promote your business to a large audience, you should get as many grow direct bookings as possible.

Here are some tricks to Grow direct bookings:

  • Get Associated

 Get connected your booking engine combined with your front desk software and channel manager for hotels is your main protection against double bookings. Our connected products will also protect against rate disparity through your booking channels which complicates your visitors and discredits your hotel. Double bookings are not good because they acquire a penalty if you’ve booked from an OTA (OTA’s like booking.comgoibibomake my trip-MMTcleartriptravelguru agoda & expedia), and worse still, irritate your guests.

  • Have a mobile responsive site

In today’s era not only do most people, browse shop and book online they do these things also through a smartphone. If your website isn’t mobile compatible, it’ll be a little hard to use, and it’ll cause customers to click at distance.  Create your website mobile compatible and Grow direct bookings.

  • The first impression is important

Image a potential visitor who has heard about your hotel from a friend, then they prefer to go online to check out your website and book a room. If your site is slow and not properly build up with improper pictures then there are chances going to click away, but if your site great and attractive looks, they’re going to get a good first impression of your hotel and be more probably to book.

  • Don’t depend on fate for bookings

Your employees may be best at replying to emails and following up inquiries with phone calls but nothing correlates to booking in real-time. If you aim to Grow direct bookings, you have to make the process as easy as possible.  Use a booking engine so that your visitors can book whenever they want to, and get that confirmation alert immediately if they so aspired.

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