Hotel PMS integration

Hotel PMS integration

Hotel PMS integration

Hotel PMS integration

Real-time integration of a channel manager for hotels and Property Management System (Hotel PMS integration)helps hoteliers

Our hotel channel manager API provides two-way connectivity between PMS system & hotel channel manager, due to which booking come from any OTA communicated to PMS and walking booking come from PMS update into channel manager for hotels & inventory updated into OTA, so it will avoid overbooking and reduce manual work.

Hotel PMS integration is next generation Property Management System such as the cloud-based creates it flexible for hoteliers to administer their regular operations within a single dashboard. Guest information, Room bookings, guest preferences, billings, and many more can be accomplished upon installation. Nowadays all you require are a balanced internet connection. This level of computerization frees up the employees time to look on guest experience, one of the most substantial reasons why a customer will choose your property to stay for the next visit

Property Management System (Hotel PMS integration)

Manually enrolls bookings, accepted by your diversified distribution channels into your Property Management System is a cumbersome and non-productive process, with Hotel Channel Manager API PMS connect this will be an automated process. Property Management Systems (PMS) have become essential tools for hotel management. PMSs are created to conduct operations of a complex hotel environment. Having the integrated technology solutions will make you and your guests sleep comfortably.

Some Important benefits of Property Management System (Hotel PMS integration) are:-

  • Reduces Human Errors: –

If channel manager for hotels with PMS integration then there is no human activity involved in this process which helps to avoid reduce the mistakes and helps to increase hotel revenue.

  • Saves Time:-

The booking received by various distribution channels are done automatically in your property management system which helps out to saves up the time.

  • Increases Productivity:-

A well designed Hotel PMS integration system increases efficiency which mainly goes to more bookings. When you allow your property management system (Hotel PMS integration) work for you flexible, you’ll result in an increase in productivity.

The use of Hotel Channel Manager it will also be beneficial for Hoteliers

Hotel Channel Manager is an online distribution solution for the Hotels to Optimize management of their distribution channels. A Hotel channel manager is a software that helps hoteliers to manage room distribution across various OTAs (like , goibibomake my trip-MMTcleartrip , travelguru agoda & expedia.) and their own hotel website in real-time.

It works as an excellent Revenue Management tool for the hotels, very simple, time-saving and easy to use.

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