Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manger, is an on-line distribution solution for the Hotels to Optimize management of their distribution channels.A Hotel channel manager is a software that helps hoteliers to manage room distribution across various OTAs and their own hotel website in real-time.

It works as an excellent Revenue Management tool for the hotels, very simple, time saving and easy to use.

Hotel Channel Manager gives you the ability to manage reservation of rooms in your hotel through as many channels as you want to along with managing the inventory and giving you a clear picture of the booking dates, the rooms availability, the guests arrival/departure dates, rate management,the other promo offers etc in one dashboard.

It is a common practice for hoteliers to add their hotels to different OTAs. Now a day OTA’s  are the major source of online bookings, other than their own website.

But it is very hectic for hoteliers to log into multiple OTA accounts to mange hotel room rates and inventory.

With Channel Manager all the extranets of individual channels are listed under common platform. As needed the dynamic rates, inventories can be managed with a single point feed, than saving and publishing it.

This distribution solution rewrites / updates the changes on all individual channel with minutes, saving the time and efforts.

At booking we help to manage online room bookings through major OTA’s like , goibibomake my trip-MMTcleartrip , travelguru agoda & expedia.

Not only we manages OTA’s, we also captures bookings from hoteliers own website with the help of booking engine.

Hotel Channel Manager

Our Key Points

Benefits of Hotel channel manager


Through channel manager the visibilities of rooms get maximized, hotel rooms are visible across all the OTAs.


As the goal of a hotelier is to get the operations done efficiently and lots of happy guests, but in reality.


Our channel manager gives you an infinite capability to increase your bookings from all OTA in real time.

Manage rate parity

The rate parity is properly maintained without any efforts with this channel manager, Maintains the.

Features of Hotel Channel Manager

API to connect to PMS & booking engine

The seamless integration of any inventory distributor with hotel PMS and booking system enables you to update live inventory….Read More

Audit log

Our channel manager cultivates a record of all the modifications and updates executed….Read More

Connect multiple properties in single login

Using our channel manager you can manage multiple properties offline and online booking using single login…..Read More

Real Time Updates

All available rooms will be popularized, based on circumstances that you define, to complete online channels without….Read More

Graphical Analysis

In our dashboard we provide graphical result including last week booking of hotel, percentage of number….Read More

Manage Offline/walk in reservation

With our channel manager, you will able to update walk-in reservations into the channel manager and it will accordingly….Read More

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