BookingHotel channel manager has a simple dashboard that allows a fast learning and is user friendly. With one login, you check the availability and price of your all hotel rooms, with no secrets and complications. real time two-way communication To avoid overbooking or any misunderstanding, all updates of all distribution channels happen on a real time basis and boost the online exposure of your brand.

Channel Manager

Flawless Interface with Hotel Software and Booking Engine

The seamless integration of any inventory distributor with hotel PMS and booking system, enables you to update live inventory on connected channels.

Advanced rate planning to maximum profit

BokingHotel Channel allows you to derive the Best Available Retail Rate (BAR) for selling the correct room at an appropriate price, subsequently helping you sell more rooms while yielding maximum revenue.

Efficiently manage, sell last-minute inventory

Efficiently manage last-minute cancellations become easier to sell, with real-time inventory updation of channel manager.

Efficiently and Better Online Visibility

BookingHotel channel management software updates all your data in real-time, thereby enabling you to benefit from utilizing your complete inventory online, without the fear of over-bookings.

Avoid Double Bookings & Overselling

Real-time data sync ensures that all OTAs and your hotel booking chart are updated immediately to avoid conflicting reservations.

Easy to manage rate parity

Maintain the same rates on all channels to avoid losing potential revenue.